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  Community programs, education and alcohol & drug rehabilitation.   The CADS Alcohol and Drug Services Mission, Building a Better Future.   Building Foundations for the Community through partnering and donations.  
  Countywide Alcohol and Drug Services provides many levels of chemical dependency services for men and women over age 18 who are unable to afford private treatment. If you are a resident of Santa Clara County in need of alcohol treatment or drug rehabilitation, please follow the links below to find out how CADS can help.  

In addition to providing care for individuals seeking chemical dependency treatment, our mission includes building on our existing services to develop programs for adolescents and women with children. There are many ways you can help CADS realize this vision.  Please follow the links below for further information.

  With help from individual and corporate donors, CADS has been able to provide its services to thousands of people in the Bay Area suffering from drug and alcohol-related problems.  With your help, we can continue the fight against alcoholism and drug addiction.  

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